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Learn 3 Game Changing  Strategies To Build A Championship Program



This is the foundation for effective

practices and player development    

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Friday, May 3rd 2024 @ 8:00PM EST

Saturday, May 4th 2024 @ 1:00PM EST

Sunday, May 5th 2024 @ 8:00PM EST

effective practices

Running more efficient practices where athletes are not only receiving quality reps but maximizing the number of reps so they develop faster and understand the game at a higher level

What You'll Learn

accelerate player development

Learn a proven system where athletes will develop much faster and more efficiently which will translate to better performance in games 

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Reserve Your FREE Spot

successful seasonal planning

Becoming more efficient in seasonal and practice planning. Learn what the ingredients are to a successful plan and start implementing them in your program today

What People Say

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Coach Brian

Volleyball Coaching Expert

Founder of Digital Volleyball Academy

Seneca Men’s Volleyball Head Coach, more recently known as an Online Volleyball Coach and founder of Digital Volleyball Academy, coach Brian has taken his volleyball coaching knowledge and created an online training experience for coaches around the world. With over 12+ years as a competitive coach and also currently the head coach at the biggest college in Canada, he brings a ton of knowledge and insight from the volleyball world. With the combination of his vertical jump background and volleyball experience, coaches receive the ultimate education, coaching and mentorship.

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